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Wednesday 19 June 2013

Multi - Celebrations

Sunday 16th June may well have been Father's day, and we were celebrating that with a family gathering that involved four fathers (Dad, Alan Bob and Mark), but we had much more to celebrate as well.

Happy Father's Day Dad x
My sister and brother in law, hosted a bar-b-q in their garden and the weather stayed fine.We cannot see my brother (Rob) next weekend so we were celebrating his birthday a few days early. Also his wife had just returned from six months away in Brazil. Although Rob has been out there a few times, the rest of us had not seen her since November. Welcome home Elaine - we have missed you.

Andrew has also been away, he was in Toledo for ten months completing the third year of his Masters, so it's lovely to have him home again, and we caught up with his 21st, Easter and Christmas as well as welcoming him home.

Then we had a lovely surprise, which is also very sad at the same time. My lovely Dad has decided to give up driving and presented his car to Catherine as she has just started driving lessons.

Dad, Catherine and the car

Catherine and her boyfriend George
We were also pleased to have Emily home from Nottingham for a few days, she has gone back for about four weeks and then after her graduation she will be home. So we are also celebrating the fact that Emily and Catherine have finished university. Catherine heard she has a two month contract as deputy stage manager which will take her to the Edinburgh Festival to work on two different productions. Emily herd she has achieved a First in her Creative and professional writing BA. Catherine is still waiting for her results.

I can't believe I didn't take more photos, but home some of the others did and can fill in the gaps for me here.

So it's all change in our house, with job hunting, moving out and around the world! So very busy!!
Thanks for reading.
Lynn x

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