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Friday, 25 March 2016

The Tea Cosy Story

Well it's been a long time in the making. Mum and I visited a wool shop in Shortlands called Little Woollie, London. Mum fancied getting her knitting needles out again after a long break and was inspired to look up a wool store nearby. What a lovely little shop, full of great project samples and wool, together with their own patterns. The lady serving was very helpful and friendly.

Mum was taken with a tea cosy sample in the window and I agreed to make it for her as a Mothering Sunday gift, as this event was two weeks away I felt I had plenty of time to knit it. I planned to buy the pattern and sort out wool from my stash, the lady explained the pattern was £2.00, but free with the kit for the project which was only £6.00 - great value. I decided to buy the kit so I could get straight on with the project and I loved the colours. We purchased a few other items as well and were very pleased with our shopping trip and eager to get on with our knitting.

I made a start and the pattern turned out to be easy to follow, you knit two sides then joint together to knit the top. I finished one side, and as I started the second side it became clear there would not be enough wool to finish the job. I studied the pattern and checked my work and could not see any errors, so I emailed the shop, explaining it was a gift for mother's day. They were quick to reply and promised to send more wool.

Time went by and I thought I would have enough to make the flowers for the top, while waiting for the postie to arrive. No matter how I tried the pattern did not make sense! In the end I stopped trying and planned to have another go the next day - I thought maybe I was not reading the pattern properly.

The next morning I had an email from another member of staff to say she had designed the tea cosy and just realised she had made an error in the pattern. She sent me the corrected version and I was able to make up the five flowers in no time.

A few days before Mother's Day and no sign of the wool, so another email was sent, this time the reply informed me the owner was at Ally Pally and not able to get to a post office, she apologised but she had missed the point that I needed it for mother's day. On the Monday morning I received another email to say the wool had been posted first thing and it arrived the next day, so I was able to finish the cosy off.

Mum is now the proud owner of her tea cosy at last.

Little Woollie London is well worth a visit and have some great products and designs. As well as wool they sell fabrics and they run classes too.
Thanks for looking.
Lynn x


  1. Message from Mum: "Love your article about the tea cosy, it has been much admired, don't forget I have another hundred teapots that are feeling chilly."

  2. Worked brilliantly, love it x


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