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Wednesday 10 November 2010

Dad's Artwork - Portraits

Today's collection of Dad's pictures show some of the portraits he has drawn or painted.

This portrait of the Queen was drawn from a photograph taken by Prince Andrew, with permission.

A pencil sketch and a painting of the same Lady.

Dad created an Alphonse Mucha style painting of me back in 1992! There was also another of Mum and my sister, I will ask them to send me photos.

My friend Debbie's children Matthew and Emma.

Dad's cousin Nancy

Paul and Jeni 1997

Paul and Jeni's wedding 2007

Our three children  Catherine, Andrew and Emily.

More to follow. :)


  1. Lynn, I am speechles! What an incredible gift your Dad has. Such an amazing talent. What a wonderful possesion to own such a personal peice of art.xxxx

  2. OH WOW he is very talented :) They are fabulous :)

  3. More stunning work Lynn. Love it.

  4. Wow - what an absolutely talented Dad you have, Lynn. My Dad paints, but strictly as a hobbyist whereas your Dad is so professional! The portraits are so lifelike and he is terrific at capturing expressions on people's faces ....


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