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Friday 19 November 2010

What a day!

Today was the Awards ceremony at Catherine's old school - Trinity C of E School. It was lovely for her to meet us with some friends again, bu as it is still term time may couldn't make it. Because Catherine is at University in Twickenham she was able to come home for a long weekend. The event was organised to give out the GCSE certificated followed by the A Level certificates. Then it went on to special awards, she was rewarded for her achievements by being awarded a prize for Dance and English Literature. Then to our surprise she was awarded the Head Teacher's Award. Each year he picks someone for the award from any year throughout the whole school. He had some lovely words to say about her efforts and achievements. Then afterwards there was photos with Mr Collins and other award winners. I was not expecting to have my photo taken - but the proud parents were called upon of a photo too!

 organising the group for the photo!

We were called in to join this photo

The board where her name has been listed just inside the school.

It was a lovely service and such a lovely surprise. Needless to say we are very proud of her too.
Well done Catherine. x


  1. Oh Lynn, how wonderful is that! No wonder you are so extra proud....and I am sure its a well deserved reward. Many congratulations to Catherine :) and just love those photos, fab scrap pages coming up I just know..xxx

  2. What a wonderful surprise Lynn - how proud you must have been. Well done Catherine - must have been very well deserved. Like the pictures too - just crying out for scrapping. x

  3. Well Done Catherine - what a fantastic achievement!

    Lynn and Alan, you must be very proud not only of Catherine but of Emily and Andrew too. They are a credit to you.


  4. Congratulations Catherine - such an achievement to be proud of.


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