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Wednesday 24 November 2010

South Bank

52 Walks in 2010 with my Camera - The South Bank, London

Today I went to Waterloo as I had a meeting at The Evelina Children's Hospital in St. Thomas' Hospital. I took a long walk back to the station to take some photos.

Photos of Westminster taken from the South Bank

The London Eye from St. Thomas' Hospital 

Outside the hospital 

These characters are outside the children's hospital 

This Eye Skating looks good fun 

More London Eye 

Duck Tours 

Back at Waterloo Station 

Log - 52 Walks with My Camera in 2010 so far: 1. Bexleyheath, 2. Woodbridge River Front, 3. Hall Place Greenhouses, 4. Chislehurst, 5. Bluewater, 6. Theatre Land,7. Leeds, 8. Orford, 9. Snape, 10. Chatham,11. Nottingham, 12. Twickenham, 13. Woodbridge. 14. Red House. 15. Debden House. 16. RAF Bentwaters. 17 Friston and Saxmundham. 18. Ufford. 19. Wickham Market. 20. Greenwich Royal Park. 21. Felixstowe. 22. Trafalgar Square to Leicester Square Gardens. 23. Garden. 24. St James' Park. 25. Hall Place Gardens. 26. Moot Hall - Aldeburgh. 27. Shere. 28. Beer. 29. Lyme Regis. 30. Seaton. 31. Butley Priory. 32. Tewin. 33. Southwold Quay. 34. Framlingham Town. 35. Chillisford. 36. Erith Yacht Club. 37. Nottingham - Jubilee Campus. 38. Salford. 29. Bury St. Edmunds. 40 Spire House. 41. Manchester. 42. Nottingham. 43. Waterloo Station. 44. Felixstowe Ferry. 45. The South Bank.


  1. Fab photos, love the models outside the hospital :)

  2. some great shots there (must get up to date with my walks) I have some shots from around there as I stayed there for nearly a week last month

  3. What beautiful photos Lynn. I go there now and again too but never remember to take my camera. How lucky we are to be so near such icons. x


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