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Monday 9 January 2012

Cacti & Goblin

Emily has been busy again making gifts. We both love the Molly Makes Magazine and when she cam home from Uni for the holidays she has a few issues to catch up on. She wanted to make something special for her friend Sinade as a thank you gift, so got the felt out and made this gremlin.

He even has little tattoos embroidered on his arm. Emily decided give him a jumper to wear, and although used to knitting had not done cable before. She learnt to do this so he could have this super cosy jumper.

Emily has also been working on making a pattern to crochet a cactus for another friend and here is her sample.

It's been great fun having Emily home, especially as we can craft together. Shame she has to return to Nottingham on Wednesday.

Other news is Andrew had to return yesterday to Manchester as he has exams today. And Catherine also returns to Twickenham on Wednesday. We have all have a lovely few weeks being together again. I shall miss you all. Our next opportunity to be all together will be Easter and their 20th birthday.


  1. What fun items and unique gifts x

  2. Just how cute are they? Especially that cactus OMG! How lovely that you have had some crafting time together Hun. Hope Andrew's exam went well. xx


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