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Saturday 8 December 2012

Proud Mummy Moment / Week!

My daughter Emily was interviewed at Nottingham University about her course, here she is outside one of the University buildings. To see the interview please follow this link:

Emily's first article with Left Lion was published earlier this week. If you would like to read it - It can be found here: 


Emily sent me a truly thoughtful gift, on 1st December I received a package containing seven envelopes numbered 1 to 7. They were the beginning of an advent calendar. She said she has so appreciated the various advent gifts and surprises I had made or done for her during her childhood she wanted to do something special for me. The lovely thing is they contain letters with memories of those Christmases from her younger days, links to lovely video clips, and some small gifts as well. Each day is a great surprise. Needless to say another seven envelopes arrived in time for today and the week ahead.

I can't wait for 18th and your return home for Christmas Emily, and thank you for your lovely gift - looking forward to opening envelope number 9 tomorrow!


  1. Many many congratulations to Emily on her article being in print, very informative it is too and beautifully written ( just sorry she is suffering from that condition) Fab interview too, love the pics Lynn and look forward to seeing them scrapped. What a wonderfully thoughtful gift to do the advent envelopes Lynn, I can imagine your joy each day opening them up xxxx

  2. What a lovely idea to do advent envelopes, hope you are enjoying them :)
    Congrats to Emily, I read her article, extremely well written and very informative too.

    Well done x

  3. What a clever girl Emily is, Lynn - obviously takes after her mum! Congratulations to her. Such a loving daughter - I love the idea of the advent envelopes. So glad she appreciates her lovely mum. x


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