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Monday 29 August 2011

Something for a windy, rainy day

It was my turn to be the nurse in charge of the youth group on Saturday and the plan had been to take the young people sailing.  When it came to finalising the plans on Friday the weather forecast was force 7 and heavy rain. So we had to make a decision in the best interests of the young people we care for taking into consideration their conditions and needs.

In the end we spoke to the sailing club concerned and decided to postpone these plans for another day.  We also didn't have a huge uptake due to it being the bank holiday weekend.

So Hannah (respite nursery nurse) and I set about making plans for staying at the hospice and making a fun day in for the teenagers. 

We got popcorn and DVD's together. The Wii set up.

We planned to make scrapbooking canvases and because it was short notice I searched all our photos of previous events and printed out a 5"x7" photo of each of them (I'm unable to share these photos, photos of the event or photos of their canvases, as I need to protect their identity on the Internet).

Hannah was great, she phoned everyone concerned to change the plans.

I couldn't believe it when yesterday dawned and it was sunny, but it was short lived and by 11am it was stormy, raining and dark.

At the last minuet, I left home early and got cake baking stuff so we could make and decorate cupcakes too. So did Hannah! Great minds!

In the event the kids got engrossed in the crafting and had the DVD's running at the same time. We still had the picnic lunch we had arranged but had it indoors instead of on by the riverside.

The craft work went on all day in the end (their choice). Each child made a canvas of themselves, and we made one for the girl who was unwell and unable to attend at the last minute. In order to demonstrate we made one of Hannah with a photo from last year's Christmas party, when she came dressed as a snowman. The Cricut came in very useful and was a bit of a novelty to the youngsters.

Here is the joint effort canvas of Hannah the Snowman! 

After the canvases they went on to make cup case boxes using the Sweet Treats cartridge for the Cricut, and mini canvases with their names on. In the end we had a job to get them to go home!

... and I do believe, Hannah may be getting a little interested in crafting! ...

... as she set about making another canvas for her colleagues at Sara's wedding back in June.

Will be interesting to see what the rest of the team think of the creations on Tuesday.


  1. It looks and sounds as if you had a wonderful day Lynn despite the change of plans. I think the young people are very lucky to have you both.x

  2. What a lovely post and so good to hear that the youngsters enjoyed the unexepected chance to scrap - the canvases were a great idea. Elizabeth x

  3. What a great way to spend the day Lynn - sounds like everyone had a super time.


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