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Monday 29 August 2011

Twelfth Night

We didn't think we were going to make The Theatre in the Forest this year, there has been so much else going on. There are performances Tuesday through to Saturday each week from late July to Bank Holiday weekend in August and I had to work on Saturday. Then we discovered the very last performance is held on the Sunday, so in the end we drove up to Suffolk for the final performance of Twelfth Night, yesterday.

The set before the performance began

We had a brilliant evening, the shows seem to get better every year. I have a few pictures, but it is difficult as it gets dark during the performance. Twelfth Night is the Red Rose Chain's twelfth Shakespeare production, and the fourth one we have seen since we heard about them. Although the weather has been poor recently and it got cold during the evening, the rain held off. We turned up with picnic and blankets well prepared.

The brightly coloured beach huts and costumes helping us distinguish between the households of  Duke Orsino (purple and white) and Countess Olivia (red and black).

The Shipwreck which brought the twins Sebastian and Viola to the land of Illyria

Look at these amazing puppet seagulls. The way these puppets were animated was amazing.
Also in this photo Olivia's jester Feste, maid Maria and uncle Sir Toby Belch.

Sir Andrew Aguecheek (who liked to imagine himself as a brave knight!) and his friend Sir Toby.

The interval

Into the second half well after dark

My drama student daughter Catherine an me  in the stands at the beginning.
Her comment on facebook is:
 "Been to see yet another epic 'Theatre in the Forest' every year they out do themselves. Such talent and intelligence.+ Shakespeare made easy. What more could you want looking for to next year already"
Looking forward to seeing her photos when she gets up this morning.
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  1. How lovely Lynn! I enjoy seeing each year what you have been to see in the forest, I think it looks so nice.x


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