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Friday, 25 September 2009

17 Years Later

September 2009. Barbara (Great Auntie), Lynn (Great Auntie), Marion (Nana) and Heather (Mummy), with Hannah, Oliver and Lucy at eight months in their garden.

We went to see the babies again today. We had been looking at a picture from when my three were babies, and decided as we had all the relevant adults present we would take a photo with the new triples set up just like the original, 17 years ago.

This was taken in July 1992. Barbara (Auntie), Lynn (Mummy), Marion (Auntie) and Heather (Cousin), with Andrew Catherine and Emily at four months in Shenstone Park.


  1. What a lovely idea Lynn. Photos to treasure

  2. What a great idea Lynn, would make a fab DLO!

  3. BTW, you look much younger now!!!


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