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Sunday, 27 September 2009

1980 and 2009 The Pantiles

Continuing to scan the slides and found these of The Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells. They were processed in April 1980 (so could have been winter 1979/80) compared to those I took in September 2009. Looks very quiet in the 1980's ones, but a bit early in the year for eating outside, not that I ever remember seeing this then. Anyone know any different?

the first five photos are 1980, please compare with earlier blog post for 2009 visit. Last three photos from 2009.
Well worth a day out!


  1. I worked in The Pantiles, Lynn. it seems a lifetime ago now. I looked but couldn't see where I worked. i think it was a bit further up The Pantiles.

  2. What did you do Jill?

    These were taken by my Dad and on slides. Since posting I found more slides of this occasion and different parts of the street. Alan and I spent a lot of time in Tunbridge Wells in 1980's with our friends who lived there at the time. I must have more photos somewhere. I used to go to a shop there in 70's / 80's to by gems stones and jewellery findings. Sadly that shop is no longer there.

  3. I worked at Atcost lynn. It was at the opposite end of The Pantiles to the town end IYKWIM. There was a row of large old places opposite the shops and the office was in one of them. I used to go to Binns for my sandwich each day, which was almost opposite. I remember looking in the gem shop and I bought a little gem tree in there. For the life of me I can't remember what year it was but I had an 'M' reg car, if anyone can work out the date from that.

  4. Very nice Lynn, I was just thinking about our trip this morning whilst cutting the decoupage sheets :)


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