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Friday, 11 September 2009

The Pantiles

Linda had found a shop selling craft materials on the web, and it was based in the Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells. She had never been there and wanted to investigate. I have been to the Pantiles many times but a long time ago. When our friends Frances and Steve lived in Tunbridge Wells we used to go regularly. Funnily enough we drive past very month on our way to Cardinal Crafts Crop. I was happy to take a look and was pleased to discover it has not changed very much. Unfortunately the well was not flowing well enough for us to 'take the water'.

We had a lovely Italian meal and loved the kitchen shop. The craft shop was not quite what we were looking for but Linda was able to get some decoupage papers she wanted. I did get a sheet of decoupage paper by Paper Nations to make a new home card for my parents, and another for three small Christmas cards, as I guess I should make a start on these soon!

I learned that however busy you are it' good to take a break and go out with a friend for a few hours. We had a good day, thanks Linda.


  1. I had a great day too Lynn, thanks for coming with me! Craft shop was rubbish but everything else was excellent :)

  2. ps. can I have copies of your photos?

  3. Photos sent by email, I only took three!


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