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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Scrapping the project

Learn Something New Every Day

I'm discovering there is not enough time to do a scrapbook page every day for the LSNED project, but I pleased to say I have kept up to date by printing out the prompts and using them to make notes on as I read them. I am also get the relevant thoughts and photos onto this blog. I have made my covers, and cut the pages for the insides. I have also gathered many of the embellishments I intend to use. I hope to make good use of the ROBO too.

I have learnt not to panic about getting the pages done and therefore rush them and not be happy with the end result.

I had some time off today so the food shopping was done first then the laundry. I have set myself the task of scanning a few negatives or slides every day, so I gradually get through them.

So I learnt this is the best way as it is quite time consuming and I am enjoying discovering a few forgotten images at a time. This way I have time to share a selection of these photos with family and friends through Facebook.

I love this one of my mother playing with me and my sister in the back garden, taken in 1963.

I learnt that having a phone that is also your calendar is brilliant in cutting down on the content of your handbag. However it means you have to end your conversation to look up if you are free on a certain date, then text the person back to say you can or can't make it!

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