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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Unexpected Family Time

Learn Something New Every Day

I had a message from my sister about picking up some books and things from her house. We had been meaning to get together for a while. I decided that although I only had two hours I would drop Catherine at her dance lesson and drive over to her house. I would only have just over an hour there but I would get to see my sister and my brother (as he is staying at her house at present).

I learnt it was well worth making the effort, as we had a good catch up and there is a lot we need to sort out at the moment as we are helping my parent move back into the area. We planned birthday gifts for our parents too, as they both celebrate their birthdays in October.

I learnt my sister had a box of slides my father had discovered when de-cluttering the house to move, so I have them now and am going to attempt to scan them so we can all have them and view them more easily.
Here are three of the slides, one of each of us from 1971, in our garden at home, showing off one of Dad's model aircraft.


My sister, Sylvie.

My brother, Robert

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