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Friday, 4 September 2009

Family photo

This Sterne looking lady is a distant relative of mine and I was sent the picture through a connection on Genes reunited a few months ago. She is called Eliza Sharp (born 1836) and she married John Cutts. Today I heard from Doreen Gascoine who is a distant cousin and eshe told me she is Eliza's great granddaughter. Doreen said " I have the same photo of Eliza and a family memory that she was a midwife. This was confirmed this year when I visited Woolmer Green, where she lived with John Cutts, and saw 'The Book of Woolmer Green' which referes to the place where there was a cottage lived in by Granny Cutts, the village midwife."

So today I learnt more about my family history, just by belonging to Genes Reunited and having my known history on my family tree.

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  1. I love these old photos, everyone seems so severe and old before their time - bet she was only 21 in this :)

    Are you going to scrap it?


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