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Friday, 4 September 2009


Toady we travelled up to the house in Suffolk, intending to stay in and do some jobs around the house. Andrew is back at school and Catherine was busy with friends, but Emily decided to join us, she asked her boyfriend Alex along, and also a school friend Gemma. So all five of us went in the end. Gemma's family have a caravan in Suffolk not far from our house, so she knew all about the area too.

We decided to go out to Chillisford and take a look at St Peter's Church. It is a lovely place for taking photographs. It was a very wild and windy day, but stayed dry.

Learn Something New Every Day

Today I learnt (or it was reinforced) that Emily has some lovely school friends. When I think back to her early days at the grammar school when she was very shy and found it difficult to make friends. Gradually over the years she has made some great friends. The school has been great for her, helping her build on her strengths, she has met some like minded girls and teachers, and has been able to grow and blossom there. Tomorrow she returns for her last year and she will truly be sad to leave.

The best photographs of me are taken when I'm totally unaware they are being taken. I'm hopeless at posing for a photo! The first two were taken at Chillisford and the last one was emailed to me by my SIL, she took it at Heather's house the other day when I was in the garden with Hannah.

It may only be 3rd September, and the sun may be shining, but it's very windy, and I would have been better wearing closed in shoes for our outing today. My feet got chilly and so did the rest of me. When we went out in the evening I changed into socks and trainers. Thing is I love wearing open shoes and hang on to them as long as I can before giving in and going into closed shoes for the winter. A true sign that autumn is on the way!

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